Mercabarna to train penitentiary inmates

12th March 2008

Mercabarna and the Reinsertion Initiatives Centre (CIRE) have signed a collaboration agreement that will enable them to carry out joint actions for the training of penitentiary inmates in the field of food handling and distribution.

According to the agreement, inmates may take part in some of the occupational training courses offered by Mercabarna’s Training Centre. They will have the opportunity of learning to become butchers, fishmongers, and shop or warehouse assistants.

In addition, the Centre will keep the names of inmates who successfully complete the training on file in their employment office. This will improve their chances of finding a job in sector companies.

Mercabarna thus helps accomplish the mission of the CIRE –a public enterprise under the Ministry of Justice of the Regional Government of Catalonia– which works towards the reintegration, from both a social and job viewpoint, of prisoners, offering them training and employment in workshops located inside or outside the penitentiaries.