Interview with Marcel Gorgori, host of “La salut al cistell”

“We want to prove you can eat healthily and well at the same time”

Now he and Màbel Martí are co-hosting “La salut al cistell”, a show about nutrition sponsored by Mercabarna, the Catalan government and the Municipal Institute for Markets of Barcelona.

Q- It has been said that you always host programmes on issues you are interested in...
A- It’s true. I strive for programmes that approach issues on which I have formed my own opinion and therefore have something to say. And this is the case of “La salut al cistell”. Nutrition fascinates me! Furthermore, I think the show enables us to discuss this subject in a way that hasn’t been done before.

Q- What do you mean?
A- I think it’s the only programme that not only tells viewers how to eat both healthfully and well, but also informs them about the work performed by the different agents involved in a food’s itinerary, from the time it leaves the field or sea until it reaches our refrigerators.

Q- So the idea is to offer viewers all the information at hand, right?
A- Right you are! We provide all the information so that the viewers know what they’ve got and how to get the most out of it. That’s what we try to do through the different sections of the programme.

Q- Can you tell us a bit about these different sections?
A- First we go grocery shopping. Every week, Màbel Martí, accompanied by a famous person, visits a different Barcelona market to select the products we’re going to talk about on the programme. This is the first and basic step, because if we don’t know how to choose good produce we’re going to have an even harder time eating something good and healthy. We also look at the recreational or fun aspect of going to the market and the guiding role played by the professionals who work in these centres.

Q- And once the shopping is done...
A- ... we go to the kitchen. There, using the products we’ve just bought, our weekly guest suggests a menu to us. With the assistance of a prestigious nutritionist and a chef, we size up the menu and suggest other ways of combining and preparing the foods according to their properties. In this section we also talk in greater depth about product origins, characteristics and so on, thanks to the interesting features taped in the production areas and in different Mercabarna companies.

Q- And finally...
A- The closing section of the show is devoted to answering questions and queries about a specific product. We do this by integrating all the experience and opinions of all of the sectors involved in the production and marketing of that particular food.

Q- So far, you’ve invited guests like Rosa Andreu, Màrius Sierra and Jordi Díaz. What’s your guest criterion?
A- They have to be well known to the general public and have a link or interest in healthy eating and cuisine. For example, the actress Rosa Andreu is a baker’s daughter and the actor Jordi Díaz has a brother who is a fishmonger. On upcoming programmes we’ll have the rally driver Nani Roma and the magician El Màgic Andreu, who will also reveal the role that healthy eating plays in their lives.

Q- At the end of the show, what’s the feeling you want to leave with viewers?
A- First and foremost, the feeling that they’ve learned new things that will be useful when choosing food. Thanks to the programme, I myself have discovered the existence of a fish called “sonso”, and that the leaves of an American pineapple come off easily when it is fully ripe.