Course on the new general accounting plan is a resounding success

9th october 2007

Close to 50 finance managers and accountants from Mercabarna companies attended the two sessions of the course on the new General Accounting Plan given in October. Mercabarna set up this course to provide Alimentary Unit firms with all the necessary information concerning the Plan, scheduled to go into effect in January 2008 and which constitutes a major step forward towards harmonisation in accounting, since it incorporates most of the international regulations (IAS/IFRS). The Institute of Continuing Education at Pompeu Fabra University gave the 20-hour courses explaining the basic aspects of the new regulations.

In line with this, on 9 October the Association of Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Dealers of Barcelona and Province (AGEM) organised a conference – attended by some 30 associates – to outline the new regulations, and more specifically, those affecting SMEs.
In view of the good response by the companies, Mercabarna’s Training Centre intends to offer the course again in January.