Parliamentarians for the Future Fisheries Law Visit the Market

The MPs belong to the committee that is drafting the bill for the Fisheries and Maritime Action Law in Catalonia, which shall regulate the duties of all agents involved in the distribution chain of fisheries products, from catch to market. For this reason, the parliamentarians decided to gain firsthand information on the Market operation and the day-to-day work carried out by the wholesale and retail business owners who come in for their supplies.

In addition, they met with Mercabarna management and representatives of the Fresh and Frozen Fish and Shellfish Wholesale Consignees Guild of Barcelona and Province (GMP) and the Retailers Association to exchange viewpoints on the aspects that should be included in the new law.
Mercabarna wants the new law to include a full definition of the Central Market: the role it plays in the fish distribution chain, its specific activity, the services it offers, the standard requirements that have to be met in terms of facilities, hygiene and food safety, traceability, sustainability, etc.

This visit was included in the committee’s programme of meetings and interviews with the different agents throughout the chain.