Mercabarna, an international reference

20th March 2008

Mercabarna’s model of management and operation continues to be a point of reference worldwide. Proof of this can be seen in the numerous visits the Food Unit has received this month by delegations from around the globe.

On 4 March, a group of international trade consultants from the Mexican government visited Mercabarna’s facilities, seeking a market model on which to base a logistics and food supply project in the country’s capital.

Commercial contacts

Other delegations also visited Mercabarna to strengthen commercial ties between their countries’ business owners and the Food Unit.
Miguel Palomino, consul general of Peru in Barcelona, wants to see Peruvian products introduced at the Central Fruit and Vegetable Market and to study possible actions for encouraging trade exchanges with exporters from his country.

A group of Colombian fruit and vegetable business owners, accompanied by representatives of Colombia’s Chamber of Trade and Commerce, expressed interest in establishing commercial relations with Mercabarna wholesalers.