Tribute to the gastronome Llorenç Torrado

13th March 2008

On 13 March, Mercabarna and the Municipal Markets honoured the late journalist and gastronome, Llorenç Torrado, at a tribute held at the stand shared by the two entities at the Alimentaria trade fair. People from the food and nutrition world attended as well as members of Mr Torrado’s family.

The journalist’s cousin, chef Xavier Torrado, hailed Llorenç for “his capacity to spread his enthusiasm for produce to everyone around him”. He also reminisced about how the gastronome would call Mercabarna and the Markets every week to find out about food prices, sources and varieties.

His friend and collaborator Eulàlia Fargas highlighted Torrado’s contribution to the divulgation of fresh produce information.
Salvador Capdevila, vice-chair of the Boquería Market Merchants Association, told a few anecdotes about Llorenç Torrado, recalling how “he enjoyed going around the market stalls suggesting to customers how best to cook some of the products”.

Deputy mayor of Barcelona Jordi William Carnes described Torrado as “a man ahead of his time”, since he was a pioneer in linking cuisine, culture and good health.
At the conclusion of the tribute, Carnes presented the journalist’s mother with a clay casserole dish on behalf of the Boquería Market. Furthermore, Mercabarna, the Municipal Markets and the Boquería Market published a special issue of InfoMercats magazine, in which those close to Torrado offered their own vivid recollections of the journalist.