Agreement for Reusing Pallets

With the aim of continuing to cut down on the waste generated in the precinct, Mercabarna has signed a collaboration agreement with the pallet rental company Chep, with the purpose of facilitating the recovery and reuse of the pallets of this company that are used in the Food Unit.
Thus, at the Green Point, Mercabarna makes a selection of the wooden containers that come from the entire Food Unit, and, by means of this agreement, the Chep pallets – easily identifiable since they are painted blue and are marked with the company logo on the sides – are separated so that a truck can periodically collect them. In the first 15 days since the signing of this agreement, over 50 of these pallets have been recovered, some of them quite damaged. Chep collects not only the pallets in good condition but also the broken ones, which it repairs.

This initiative, which has also been implemented in other Spanish municipal wholesales markets (or Mercas), is yet another gesture in favour of the environment, since it prevents many pallets from being simply discarded.