Mercabarna on TV3’s “La salut al cistell”

To bring the agrofood production sectors, Barcelona’s Municipal Markets and Mercabarna to the citizens and to promote healthy eating habits: this is the dual aim of La salut al cistell (Health in the Shopping Basket), a new programme that will make its debut on the Catalan channel TV3 on 3 May. Mercabarna is one of the promoters of this new TV venture, together with the Catalan government’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action, and the Municipal Institute for Markets of Barcelona.
Marcel Gorgori and Mabel Martí will host the show, to be broadcast on Sundays at 8:00 p.m.

From the soil to the kitchen
Each programme starts in the market, where different products (vegetables, fish, meat, oil, bread and so on) will be selected for creating the menus. Through short features, further information will be given on some of these foods, touching on varieties, origins, storage and so on. To this end, the show will take us to the production areas and to Mercabarna, where experts will discuss the characteristics of the different products. Furthermore, each programme will provide an in-depth analysis of a product by means of a monograph feature and contributions by specialists on this food. Following this analysis of the products, a prestige chef and a reputed nutritionist will discuss how these foods have to be combined in order to draw up a balanced healthy menu, based on the Mediterranean diet. The show will conclude with a celebrity interview, focusing on that person’s eating habits and professional activity.

The different programmes will show images of Mercabarna businesses and opinions by Food Unit professionals. In the words of Jordi William Carnes, Mercabarna chair and deputy mayor for Finance and Economic Promotion, “This programme will help to make Mercabarna a more talked-about brand.”