Ongoing training grows by 70%

25th March 2008

On-the-job employee training is a growing value. Proof of this lies in the fact that in 2007 Mercabarna’s Training Centre imparted a total of 2,745 hours of ongoing training, a 70% increase over 2006. Close to 1,700 employees benefited from these courses.

This spectacular rise responds to increased interest by food-sector business owners in training their employees with the aim of making their companies more competitive.
It should also be remembered that the companies are entitled to a credit in this regard, which they can make effective with the application of discounts on Spanish Social Security payments. It is a discount that the Training Centre offers to see to at no additional cost. So far, 74 Mercabarna companies have benefited from this service.

‘Classic’ courses still the most popular

Language and computer courses continue to account for the lion’s share of hours of ongoing training provided. Nonetheless, other subjects such as occupational risk prevention, forklift driving, finance, business management and hygiene for food handlers, are finding a place on the Centre’s curriculum.