Mercabarna-flor Present the Latest Floral Products for Weddings

Some 250 florists attended the second thematic floral demonstration held at Mercabarna-flor last 9 March. The latest trends in floral arrangements for weddings were presented at this demonstration. The team from the Rosa Valls-Training School created a number of arrangements for brides (bouquets, flower garlands and arrangements for the hair), as well as other accessories (accents for the groom’s lapel, centrepieces and even tips for decorating the wedding couple’s vehicle).

6 April: Demonstration for Saint George’s Day and Mother’s Day
The next thematic demonstration will take place on Monday, 6 April. The latest in floral arrangements for Saint George’s Day and Mother’s Day will be presented in order to help florists make the most of this sales campaign.

“More Brides” at Mercabarna-flor
Brides and weddings were also the main focus of the demonstration organised by the accessory company Elisabeth Roselló, which was held on 1 March at Mercabarna-flor. Nearly 200 florists from all over Spain attended an original fashion show where brides wore novel natural flower arrangements created by renowned florists.