Orange Wins the Mercabarna Mobile Phone Contract

The telephone company Orange will be the new mobile phone carrier for the closed group of Mercabarna users that includes market companies and buyers. Until now, this service had been provided by the Vodafone company.

Mercabarna management approved the proposal from the telecommunications user’s commission, made up of Mercabarna, Assocome (Association of Mercabarna Dealers) and the Fruit and Vegetables and Fish Wholesale Dealers to grant this service to Orange, following a bidding process involving several other carriers. One of the biggest advantages of this new carrier is its 24-hour flat-rate for calls, as well as the possibility of simplifying invoices.

From now on, a campaign will be initiated to inform Mercabarna users about the advantages of the new carrier, and the steps to take to contract their services, since the bulk transfer of the lines over to the new carrier is expected to occur in May.