Mercabarna Businesses at the Gastronomic Forum and Barcelona Degusta Consumer Food Show

Several Mercabarna businesses opted to participate in two renowned gastronomic trade fairs held in Catalonia during the months of February and March: the Girona Gastronomic Forum and the Barcelona Degusta Consumer Food Show. This was a good opportunity for the companies to present their products and services to both sector professionals and end consumers.

The companies Guzmán Gastronomía, Gurmalia and Maresmar each participated in the Girona Forum, presenting their product ranges intended for restaurants. This trade fair, which has been held for the past 10 years, is a meeting point for the Horeca (hospitality) sector, and combines product exhibitions with culinary demonstrations.

Barcelona Degusta, on the other hand, is a fair intended for the general public, where they may sample, purchase and learn all about food. Within this framework, the cold-cuts and sausage company Schara, the catering firm Semon and the greengrocer chain Carme Miranda exhibited their products to the public.