New vehicle exit gate

On 24 February, the Mobility Commission, formed by the Mercabarna management and the Association of Mercabarna Dealers (Assocome), approved the construction project for a new exit for vehicles onto street F in the Zona Franca or Free-Trade Zone.

For the time being, the new gate, located at Calle Transversal 7, will only serve as a way out, as the vehicle entrance presents certain technical difficulties that still need to be studied.

This new exit will help ease traffic congestion on the waterfront side of the Complementary Activities Zone (ZAC), and will also improve connections between Mercabarna and the 22AL, the land surrounding the precinct where different Food Unit companies are located.

Furthermore, according to Lluis Alberich, director of Mercabarna’s Industrial and Services Department, “The new gate will facilitate access to the future Llobregat motorway, which will be built parallel to the river and will connect the Port to the A2 motorway at Cornellá.”

It is expected that this new exit for vehicles will be operational this summer.