Saint Valentine launches the cycle of monthly thematic demonstrations

On 2 February, around 200 florists gathered at Mercabarna-flor for the demonstration of trends in floral art for Saint Valentine. The Rosa Valls-Formació School and her team offered all florists present a multitude of original and economical ideas for this special day: single-flower compositions embellished with ingenious structures, the combination of roses with other, less expensive flowers and the presentation of the fuchsia rose as an alternative to the traditional passion red.

The objective of this demonstration was to present ideas of pieces at a reasonable cost to provide florists with marketing ideas that are adapted to the crisis, without forsaking any of the beauty.

This demonstration launches a cycle of thematic demonstrations that Mercabarna-flor is organising during 2009 to attract florists from all Catalonia and provide them with ideas to make the most of each marketing campaign. Forthcoming thematic demonstrations will take place on Monday 9 March (focusing on weddings) and Monday 6 April (Saint George’s Day and Mother’s Day), during the morning (from 10.30am to 1pm).