New board of the Wholesale Businesspeople’s Association

The Wholesale Businesspeople’s Association at Mercabarna-flor (AEM) has a new board of directors. At the extraordinary meeting of this body that was held on 3 February, Jaume Mateu from the Jaume Mateu flower company was elected as new President, replacing Jordi Plana who is now Vice-President of the AEM. José Romero from Crixavert and Miquel Batlle from the company Miquel Batlle have been appointed Secretary and Treasurer respectively. The new board also has seven board members: Anna Aixelà from Flors Catalunya; Josep Terrades from the company Josep Terrades; Jesús de Vega from Plantas Vega; Jordi Ventura from Mosimoll; Pilar Turis from Rillo; Núria Sanjuan from Plantas Sanjuan; and Rosa Valls from the Rosa Valls-Formació School.