Mercabarna companies support employee training

28th January 2008

Well-trained staff makes for a more competitive company. This is the maxim that has apparently guided the philosophy of Mercabarna companies in recent years. It has been reflected by the year-on-year growth in the hours the Training Centre allots to ongoing training for workers in precinct-based firms.

1,150 hours of classes were given last year, almost 400 hours more than in 2006 and 800 up on 2005. Also for the first time since the Centre opened, the number of ongoing-training hours surpassed those of occupational training, i.e. for the unemployed.

In highest demand: languages, computer studies and forklift driving

In recent years, not only has there been an increase in the number of hours devoted to training, but the range of courses on offer has also grown. While traditional subjects such as languages and computer studies continue to be most in demand, the Centre has added new ones such as occupational-risk prevention (e.g., the course on forklift driving), logistics and finance.