Support for potential export businesses

Representatives from Prodeca and Acc10, two entities that report to the regional government of Catalonia, told attending business owners about the services they offer firms which seek to expand their markets or consolidate their presence abroad. As Susanna Barquín, head of Prodeca’s Internationalisation, Planning and Communication Services, said, “Information is crucial when exporting. To this end, we offer companies market surveys, international trade statistics, legal and tax advice and draft sector plans, organise trade missions and so on.”

Russia, a market in expansion
In the course of the event, Acc10 presented a market survey on fresh fruit marketing in Russia. As Elena Palaguina, director of Acc10’s Moscow office, observed, Russia is a market with a great deal of potential, as it is one of the world’s largest fruit importers. However, she also pointed out that firms wanting to export to Russia may encounter obstacles such as strict customs regulations and high tariffs.