Imaginative Christmas creations to combat economic downturn

This year, the demonstrations had a clear aim: to inspire florists to combat the economic downturn. To this end and throughout the morning, Rosa Valls-Formació and the Floral Art School of Catalonia fashioned about 100 original, innovative Christmas presentations for florists to offer their customers at reasonable prices. Prices ranged from 10 to 15 euros for home decorations. There were also spectacular Christmas displays for companies and shops that did not exceed 25 euros.

The highlight of these innovative proposals was the use of fresh flowers, unusual in Christmas compositions. Orchids and cyclamens were shown blended with the more typical winter poinsettias, pine boughs and cones. There was also a Christmas-tree exhibition, decorated with products from the different accessory companies at Mercabarna-flor.

Florist Guild headquarters now open
The Florist Guild of Catalonia took advantage of the event to officially open its new headquarters in Mercabarna-flor. The organization, to which some 400 florists belong, has moved from Calle Londres in Barcelona to the first floor of the new Market, where it will continue to serve its members.