Palat Replaces Ubia as Head of the Training Area

It has experienced uninterrupted growth ever since, increasing the number of occupational training courses provided and starting up ongoing training courses for active staff. Over the past two decades the Area has trained more than 26,000 people and provided 81,000 hours of classes.

A born entrepreneur, Albert Ubia is known for having begun all manner of initiatives to boost the professionalization of the food sector and help businesses become more competitive. Organizing conferences with renowned personalities, publishing course manuals and creating a corporate consultancy service on food safety issues are just some of the ideas he has put into place.

He has also implemented quality systems and signed deals with administrations and other organizations - steps that have garnered the Area great renown as a training centre and seen it become ISO 9001 quality-certified.

The New Manager
Maite Palat took over as manager of the Training Area in November. Ms. Palat, a pharmacist by training, has worked in the Area for 15 years, coordinating ongoing training courses.