Monographyc on bananas with Hermanos Torres

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Dates de celebració: September 30, 2019

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Of 10:00 at 13:00 h 


Aula del fresc of Mercabarna 


Hermanos Torres return to the Mercabarna fresco classroom by the hand of Plátano de Canarias IGP. Bananas will be the main protagonists of this monograph. The Hermanos Torres chefs, together with the staff specialized in product management of the Association of Organization of Banana Producers of the Canary Islands (ASPROCAN), will explain all the properties of this unique fruit, next Monday, September 30, at 10 am.

Objectius del curs

ASPROCAN, organ management of Plátano of Canarias IGP and the company Platanos Ruiz, expert at bananas, will share his kens on which is the origin and how is mature the bananas of Canaries that find at the market, and that it is necessary to do to maintain them with the maximum freshness the main possible time. Also it is will be able to view and taste the elaborations that will realise the chefs Hermanos Torres

Informació addicional

The chefs:

Javier and Sergio Torres, twins born to Barcelona in 1970, have a clear culinary vocation since childhood thanks to the traditional dishes of their grandmother In 2008 they opened the restaurant Dos Cielos Barcelona, ​​with which they received their first Michelin star and in 2017 Dos Cielos Madrid. Last summer of 2018 they inaugurated in Barcelona their most personal project, Cocina Hermanos Torres  where they obtained 2 stars from the Michelin Guide 4 months after the opening.



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