Prize 'Mercabarna Innova'

Through the prize ‘Mercabarna Innova’, Mercabarna wishes to reward the efforts of companies have devised innovative projects in such diverse areas as the development of new products, formats and packaging, the use of new technologies and the search for more sustainable processes, among others.

The winners

In the first edition, the 'Mercabarna Innova' distinguished the projects of Fruit Friends and Laumont, which presented a semi-hydrated fruit bar and an App of mushrooms for chefs respectively.

In the second edition, the winning projects were the tomato variety Monterrosa, from Grup Gavà; The Juice Lovers of Talls i més and the trajectory of the agricultural cooperative Hortec.

A first class jury

Formed by experts and representatives from the university, business, administration and research worlds, the jury chose the two winners from the seven projects that were entered. The most highly valued aspects were how much of an improvement had been made in relation to product quality, processes and customer service.