Trends Observatory

Mercabarna has a Trends Observatory, which aims to study and analyse emerging trends and future trade and consumption of fresh products that can affect the business model of the companies of the food area. With this service Mercabarna aims to help companies to improve their competitiveness.

Working Methodology 

  • The subjects to be studied by the Observatory are determined according to the needs and concerns of the companies in Mercabarna
  • A market study is requested from consultants and entities who are specialists on the chosen subject.
  • The completed study is presented in a free workshop session which is open to all companies and high level experts

History of the Workshops 

The Trends Observatory analysed the following subjects at the 2015, 2016 and 2017 workshops: 




Digital marketing of fresh produce

Ecological food

Retail trade run by foreigners

The impact of e-commerce in fresh food

Supplying food to various modes of passenger transportation

New trends in formats and fresh produce