Interview with Josep M. Monfort, managing director of the IRTA

“We Want to Work Together with Mercabarna Businesses”

The Institute for Agrofood Research and Technology (IRTA) is a public company, created 25 years ago, whose purpose is to promote food research, innovation and development in Catalonia. From the office it will open in Mercabarna, the IRTA will now endeavour to makes its services available to all precinct businesses.

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Market Sales Rise in 2009

After four consecutive years of increasingly sluggish trade at the Central Fish Market, in 2009 sales rose 3.8% over 2008. 84,245 tonnes of fresh and frozen fish and seafood were sold in all.

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New Employee Search Portal

Feina Activa (Active Work) is the name of the new portal launched by the Catalan Occupation Service (SOC), which specialises in searching for new job opportunities.

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