Green point begins recycling porexpan

1st october 2007

Mercabarna’s Green Point has benefited since early September from a new machine that recycles Porexpan, or expanded polystyrene. This is a material regularly used in the Central Fish Market and numerous companies in the Complementary Activities Area (ZAC).
Porexpan used to be collected from the Alimentary Unit and taken straight to the dump, since the fact it was dirty and smelt of fish meant it wasn’t suitable for recycling.

The problem has now been solved, thanks to this new device which shreds and presses the material, increasing its density considerably and turning it into compact bars that are easy to transport.
Outside the Green Point, the bars are melted down and used as second-class plastic, which can be used in the manufacture of hangers, for example.

The machine, property of the Reciclajes Rodilla company – which also handles waste management – can recycle up to 200 kilos per hour.
The aim is to gradually recycle two tonnes daily, a figure that can only be reached if Mercabarna wholesalers and users take their pre-selected Porexpan to the Green Point.