A new call for applicants for Mercabarna Grants

April 2016

In the third edition of these recruitment aids, an increase in the budgetary allocation is anticipated, which will enable up to 30 people to be recruited throughout the year.

In a bid to create jobs in the complex, Mercabarna continues with its scholarship programme to promote the employment of university graduates and the unemployed within the companies in the Food Unit.

The budget this year is almost 34% higher than in 2014. Thanks to the increased investment, the recruitment of 30 professionals can be subsidised. In the case of graduates, they will come from the Barcelona Higher Education College of Agriculture (ESAB-UPC) and the Higher Education College of International Trade, a centre which is attached to the Pompeu Fabra University (ESCI). On the other hand, the remaining candidates will have to have completed one of the occupational training courses run by Mercabarna's Training Services. The training carried out in the food area corresponds to some of the professional profiles which are most sought after by the companies in the complex.

Mercabarna promotes employment

The aid programme is a reflection of Mercabarna's commitment to encouraging two profiles which have difficulties finding employment to enter the world of work. Since the launch of the programme, the balance sheet has been positive: since 2014, 31 people have been hired, 18 of whom were unemployed and 13 university graduates.

The programme of grants was launched in 2014