Presentation of the 2nd Phase of the Strategic Plan for the Food Cluster Initiative Fostered by Mercabarna

Mercabarna is spearheading the project to draft the Strategic Plan for the Food Business Cluster in Barcelona. The main goal of the plan, devised by the consultancy company Clúster Development, is to improve the competitiveness of the food companies in question, by pinpointing promising businesses groups and mapping out common strategies.

Now concluded, the second phase in the drafting of this plan examines the four major business areas that emerged in the plan’s first phase: the food service channel, specialised chains, wholesale fruit and vegetables and the fish distribution sector.

To study each area’s potential, interviews were held with clients and potential clients of Mercabarna operators, European wholesale competitors and complementary service companies. Furthermore, Mercabarna and Clúster Development managers travelled to Rotterdam (the Netherlands) to gain further insight into the workings of a fruit and vegetable business cluster.

Presentations for defining future actions
To announce the results of this second phase, Mercabarna will host four one-hour presentations, one per business area, aimed at the business owners concerned. Each will include a colloquium, during which Clúster Development will propose specific actions for improving business competitiveness, and where the issues raised by attendees will be discussed.

The first presentation will be held on 3 February, at 9 a.m., in the function room of the Mercabarna Management Centre and will be devoted to specialised chains. The second will address food service and is scheduled for 17 February at 9 a.m. The two remaining presentations will be programmed for March.