Significant Drop in the Price of Fruit and Vegetables

In other words, comparing the average accumulated price between January and May of this year with that of 2008, prices had dropped by 2.7%: but in June, they plummeted by 21%. What changed this month? Not everything can be blamed on the effects of the economic recession. The weather also played a part in this situation. Its unpredictable nature resulted in the majority of the produce that was to have entered the Market in May from different parts of Spain actually doing so in June, causing a surplus, and consequently, this drop in prices.

Cheaper vegetables
The fall has been noted above all in vegetables, whose prices have lowered by 28%. The products that have gone down most in price include red peppers (-44%), potatoes (-40%), cauliflowers and artichokes (-36%), ripe tomatoes and courgettes (-33%) and Helda beans (-32%).

Fruit, especially seasonal varieties, has also been selling at lower prices. Apricot and cherry prices have lowered by 40% and melons and watermelons by 22%. The fall has also been noticeable in pineapples (-31%), citrus fruits (-28%) and apples and pears (-19%).