Stable Market in 2008

Last year a total of 1,107,000 tonnes were marketed, meaning a 0.9% sales increase over 2007. The average Market price rose a mere 0.6% over the previous financial year.

Fruit showed slight growth both in marketing (1%) and price (4%). In contrast, while vegetable sales remained stable throughout the year, prices dropped 7%.

Bananas and Potatoes: Star Market Produce
In 2008, bananas, oranges, apples, melons and peaches proved once again to be the highest-selling fruits at the Market. Of this group, however, only bananas and peaches showed higher sales in 2008, up 2% and 7% respectively. As for vegetables, the potato was still the Market leader, with close to 198,000 tonnes sold in the course of the year. Even so, it saw a slight dip in sales compared to 2007. On the whole, though, the majority of vegetables rose in sales, e.g. tomatoes, onions, artichokes and beans.

Fewer Imports
One of the most noteworthy developments of 2008 was the drop in imported fruit and vegetables. 37% of the products sold at the Market last year came from other countries, while in 2007 this figure was 39%.