The Mercabarna Website One Year On

Since then, the website has been growing in terms of visitor numbers and content and today welcomes more than 16,000 visits to Mercabarna per month, three times the number it had last November. More than 170,000 portal pages are consulted on a monthly basis, with visitors spending an average of seven minutes checking information.

The sections that attract the most traffic include product statistics, used to consult product marketing figures, and the Companies Search Engine, aimed at people seeking Mercabarna suppliers or services and which has information and contact details on the 800-plus businesses onsite.

Information a Mouse Click Away
The Mercabarna portal includes various websites dedicated to the different activity sectors that operate at Mercabarna and contains special information such as an introduction to the Market, its schedule and business hours, specialized services, contact details for the various guild associations, links to sector companies, etc.

The site also provides users with practical sections, such as the online job notice board, information on the courses available at the Training Area, a Customer Service section and a Suggestions Box.

A Website That Keeps Evolving
New sections that have been added to the website over the year include the bulletin board, which facilitates communication among users by enabling visitors to upload announcements that can be seen by all the people who log onto the site.