Children's campaigns

Mercabarna and the precinct's Wholesalers' Business Associations organise different children's educational campaigns to instil healthy eating habits and boost awareness of flowers and plants. Almost 12,000 Catalan schoolchildren take part in these initiatives every year.

“5 A Day”

Mercabarna and the Fruit and Vegetable Wholesalers' Business Association (AGEM) have been organising the '5 A Day' campaign since 1998. This initiative mainly aims to promote the consumption of fruit and vegetables by schoolchildren and their families to encourage a healthy and balanced diet. More than 5,000 children across Catalonia take part every year.

The central focus of the campaign consists of a day full of activities at Mercabarna. A visit to the Central Fruit and Vegetable Market is the highlight of the event, where the children can be amazed by the aromas and colours of fruit and vegetables from the local area and around the world. In a fun atmosphere, the children experience new tastes and textures which are complemented by a meal based on freshly squeezed juices, salads and fruit skewers.

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"Grow Up With Fish"

This campaign, created in 2010, is run by the Fish Wholesalers' Business Association, with the collaboration of Mercabarna. The aim is to introduce children to the world of fish and seafood and promote their benefits as part of a balanced diet. The schoolchildren who take part, around 6,000 each year, spend a day at Mercabarna and engage in different activities.

The main one is the guided visit to the Interactive Fish Centre (IFC), a unique exhibition space in Spain that shows the path that fish and shellfish take from the sea until they are served in homes and restaurants. The children also visit the Central Fish Market, a seafood hatchery and a company that prepares fish, and tuck into a lunch based on produce from the sea.

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"Flowers and Plants Every Day’"

Since 2011 Mercabarna-flor, the Wholesalers' Business Association (AEM) and the Rosa Valls-formación training school have been running this initiative so that schoolchildren can discover the world of flowers and plants, become aware of the benefits they can have for our emotional well-being and learn to respect the environment. Around 600 children take part in this campaign throughout the year.

The activity takes place in the Mercabarna-flor precinct itself so that the children can see, smell and handle the flowers and plants, and is led at all times by specialist monitors. They also take part in a flower arranging workshop where they learn to prepare a bouquet of flowers, which they can later take home.

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