Food Bank

The Food Bank has had a warehouse at Mercabarna since 2002, assigned to it by management and serving as a collection and distribution centre for the excess fresh food voluntarily donated by the companies in the precinct.

Since 2011, Mercabarna has also assigned an office to this organisation which is located in the commercial area. This space provides the Food Bank with flexibility and proximity when dealing with the donors and potential donors of foods located in the precinct.

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Evolution of donations

The collaboration of Mercabarna companies with this foundation is being strengthened year after year and more and more companies are deciding to donate their surplus products. That fact is evidenced by the progressive increase in contributions, that during 2016 came to a thousand tonnes of fresh food, the highest figure recorded to date.

These figures make Mercabarna one of the most important donors to the Food Bank.

Video explaining the collaboration between Mercabarna companies and the Food Bank (Spanish subtitles) 


Food Bank Warehouse at Mercabarna

Food Bank Office at Mercabarna

  • Address: Despatx núm.94 2º pis
  • Opening times: Mondays and Thursdays 10 am to 2 pm.
  • Telephone: 93 556 43 00