Barcelona WUWM Conference

From April 16-18, Mercabarna organize the 33rd Conference of the World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM), which in this edition will focus on the theme "The markets of the future: responsible and efficient". At the same time, the 41st edition of the Alimentaria Fair, a point of reference for the world food industry, will be held. 

Conference theme

The conference will analyse the corporate social responsibility in wholesale market management, in a highest level forum in which the future challenges faced by the wholesale markets will be analyzed.

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  • Inaugural session. The markets of the future: efficient and responsible
  • Session 1. Socially responsible markets. 
    • Presentation: Fresh products as the basis of gastronomy.
    • Round table: Markets as spaces that generate jobs and training as key strategies.
    • Presentation: Retail markets as spaces for social cohesion.  
    • Presentation: The fight against food waste. 
  • Session 2. Efficient markets. 
    • Round table: Environmental efficiency and efficient mobility.
    • Presentation: The digitalisation of markets. 
  • Session 3. New consumers, new channels and new alliances. 
    • Presentation of the study “Keys to adapting markets to demands of the new consumer of fresh products from Europe, USA and Asia”. 
    • Presentation: Strategic alliances for surviving in a global world. 

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The sessions of the conference will be carried out by top-level experts in fields such as economics, food, innovation or commerce.

Antonio Argandoña

Ferran Adrià

Josep Miquel Piqué

Lourdes Reig 

Sergio Palacios

Màxim López

Ioannis Triantafyllis

Francisco Huidobro

Jaume Llopis

David Martínez

Francesco Cera Stéphane Layani Joan Riera Zhang Jianfang Josep Tejedo

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Technical tours

Three technical tours have been programmed with the aim of complementing and enriching the experience of those attending the conference:

  • Mercabarna, Barcelona’s fresh food wholesale market. 

  • Retail market in Barcelona. 

  • Alimentaria 2018 - International Food, Drinks and Food Service Trade Show. 

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