Completion of the consultancy project for Montevideo

The consortium formed by Mercabarna, Mercasa and Deloitte Uruguay has concluded the drafting of the master plan that should help with the construction of a Food Unit in the Uruguayan capital.

The creation of this plan has meant nearly one and a half years of work, during which time the food distribution in the country has been analysed and the infrastructure, operation and economic viability of the future food polygon has been defined. There has also been intensive work in the field, with several trips to Montevideo to discover the situation on the ground and the needs of the agrofood professionals and institutions across the country. 

The last of these trips took place in September and allowed the general director of Mercabarna, Josep Tejedo, and the director of Strategy and Marketing, Pablo Vivanova, along with Mercasa and Deloitte, to present the master plan to the Uruguayan authorities, current and potential operators, customers of the future complex and the media.

A Food Unit inspired by the Mercabarna model 
The result of this master plan is the design of a Food Unit, covering around 95 hectares, which will be like Mercabarna in many regards. The most similar feature is that the new Montevideo wholesale market for fruit and vegetables will move to a new space, situated on the outskirts of the city, where it will coexist with companies from other food sectors and those providing added value or offering services. 

Therefore, in addition to the 4 warehouses for the fruit and vegetable market, the plan involves the construction of 3 Mulitservices, 4 all-purpose market pavilions and the development of a Complimentary Activities Zone and a commercial area.