Mercabarna Representatives and the AGEM Learn about the Turkish Fruit and Vegetable Sector

The trade fair Fresh Turkiye was held in Istanbul from 11 to 13 January. This new event (the second time it has been held) is small in size but brings together the leading players in the fruit and vegetable sector in Turkey. With the goal of promoting the fair internationally, Istanbul's wholesale markets invited Europe’s leading wholesale markets to visit, including Mercabarna, which was represented by the managing director Josep Tejedo and the chair of the Association of Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Dealers of Barcelona (AGEM), Casimiro Llorens.
The European market delegations also made the most of their time in Istanbul to visit the city's wholesale fruit and vegetable market. This market, in a Mediterranean country with a production base involving some 600 operators who supply around 15 million people, is currently in a phase of expansion and is committed to introducing improvements in traceability, health and hygiene initiatives and other areas.