Wholesale Associations Offer Delicious, Reasonably Priced

For the sixth year running, and with Mercabarna’s support, the Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Business Association (AGEM) and the Fish Wholesale Business Association (GMP) held a joint press conference on 18 December to familiarise consumers with fresh produce trends for this Christmas.
In a brief introduction, Mercabarna’s managing director Josep Tejedo stressed the informative nature of the meeting, which sought "to make our statistics on product offer and price trends available to the public, so that people can tailor fresh food spending to their needs".

Experience the joy of Christmas at your table
With this slogan and some 15 media representatives present, AGEM chair Casimiro Llorens and his GMP counterpart Leandre Serra highlighted the marketing chain’s commitment to curb sales markups so as to encourage Christmas consumption in these difficult economic times. The sector’s commitment was made even clearer thanks to the presence of the chairs of the Fruit and Vegetable and Fish Retail Business Associations.
Next, and has now become traditional, Mercabarna’s two business associations proposed two high-quality, reasonably priced menus -at €13 and €15 euros per person- drawn up by the CETT Hotel Management and Tourism School, and backed by the Mediterranean Diet Foundation.
Furthermore, each of the wholesale associations provided statistics on sales volume and price forecasts for some of the star Christmas products.

Donations that demonstrate solidarity
During the press conference, the Wholesale Business Associations announced they would be donating fresh produce to two soup kitchens in Barcelona and Sabadell, which would go toward the Epiphany Day meal for some 200 people. This action is in addition to the regular collaboration by Mercabarna and the Food Unit business associations with the Food Bank.