Mercabarna publishes its 2019 Sustainability Report

July 2020

The report shows the Food Unit's alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Mercabarna has published its third Sustainability Report, an exercise in transparency which shows the comprehensive nature of Corporate Social Responsibility within the Mercabarna project. Since 2018, the Barcelona Food Unit has been a signatory of the UN Global Compact and it shows its commitment to sustainable growth through initiatives that are aligned with the SDGs.

This report contains data that positions Mercabarna as one of the leading food parks in Europe. One the one hand, the volume of fresh product sales (2.3 million tonnes of products) is impressive, and on the other hand, it occupies a leading position in fruit and vegetable distribution.

With regard to infrastructures and facilities, the construction of the Biomarket was completed in 2019, which will be the first Wholesale Market in Spain and the second in Europe specialising in eco-friendly products, and actions were carried out in order to optimise the use of resources. The most important action was the installation of 1,414 LED luminaires in the central markets and the roads around the facilities.

Similarly, work continued on promoting healthy eating and conscious and responsible consumption through projects aimed at the general public and in particular for children.