Mercabarna moves forward on the road to sustainability

June 2020

Efficient food utilisation, recycling and the efficient management of resources define the Food Unit's environmental policy.

Mercabarna is working towards being a more sustainable food city and it is committed to conscious growth and reducing the environmental impact of its activity. In this regard, actions are implemented that promote food use, recycling and the reuse of packaging and the efficient management of resources.

The fight against food waste is one of Mercabarna's strategic objectives. Firstly, we would highlight our collaboration with the Food Bank and the launch of the T-Mercabarna Solidària app to distribute surplus food to groups of people at risk. In addition, in 2019, the 2nd Summer University was organised, focusing on the fight against food waste, and the Mercabarna Paco Muñoz awards were launched to recognise the best food use projects in Catalonia.

With regard to waste management, 74.9% of the waste generated in the Food Unit was recycled last year. In addition, water fountains have been installed in the Mercabarna offices this year in order to eliminate the consumption of plastic bottles, and the workers at the company have been given a reusable bottle.

Moreover, the Biomarket, which will be the first wholesale market for ecological products in Spain, will be equipped with photovoltaic panels, which will be added to the existing ones at the Mercabarna-flor facilities. Furthermore, consumption of mains water was reduced by 3.47% in 2019.