Mercabarna publishes its 2018 Sustainability Report

May 2019

This year's annual report includes drawings and portraits by Inès Lorenceau, the winner of the Illustration Marathon held at Mercabarna on 5 March.  

Mercabarna furthers its commitment to the more social aspect of its work. It has therefore published its second Sustainability Report, a document that analyses the impact of the food park's activity on its economic, social and environmental spheres. With this yearbook, the Barcelona Food Unit has become the first wholesale market in Spain to draw up this kind of report. 

The indicators taken into account in the drawing up of this report are those established by the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), the leading institution in the field of sustainability reports endorsed by the UN (United Nations). The result is an exercise in transparency that outlines Mercabarna's strategic objectives, the actions carried out and the challenges posed, all in alignment with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the UN's 2030 Agenda.

In addition, the report includes the company's economic data and those on the marketing of the different sectors of activity on the site. In this regard, the records achieved throughout the year are noteworthy in terms of the company's profits and the volume of food sold, which amounted to over 2.2 million tonnes of products. In particular, we should highlight the volume of sales in the fruit and vegetable sector at Mercabarna during 2018, positioning it as the leading market in Europe.

The report also lists the most important milestones during the year, including the organisation of the World Union of Wholesale Markets, the laying of the first stone of the Biomarket and the opening of the Aula del Fresc (Fresh Product Classroom), where the Training Service courses and other activities are held.

An illustrated memory

Another feature of this year's Sustainability Report is the drawings by Inès Lorenceau, the winner of the Illustration Marathon, organised in partnership with the Barcelona-EINA University School of Design and Art. This event, which took place on 5 March, was envisaged as a competition designed for fourth-year Graphic Design students, who had to create sixteen portraits of the Food Unit, its activity, its people, its fresh products and so on. The panel of judges made special mention of the illustrations created by students Nastia Casteleiro and Berta Rovira.

These illustrations, which are displayed in a drop-down format, contain explanations of the activities and initiatives conducted throughout the year, which position Mercabarna as an ethical, professional, safe, communicative and competitive company and a flagship of innovative, committed, familiar, green and responsible policies.

Image of the Mercabarna Sustainability Report
Students in the Illustration Marathon