A new campaign to promote recycling in the Food Unit

April 2019

Meetings will be held with the companies and workers at the Central Markets to raise awareness of the importance of separating the waste generated in their daily activity. 

Mercabarna has launched the environmental education campaign titled Benchmarks in food, examples of recycling to continue optimising waste management on the site. This initiative seeks to resolve queries regarding the separation of the types of waste and focus on the proper use of each kind of container.

A team of environmental educators will therefore contact the companies at the Central Markets in order to organise 15-minute training sessions at the different stalls. The explanations will be provided on the dates and at the times that prove most convenient for the employees so as to not interfere with the companies' activity. In addition, teaching materials have been produced to visually explain which waste goes into each container and to serve as a reminder for the workforce. 

Improving waste management

Mercabarna has recently increased the number of containers on the site. Specifically, a Porex® compactor has been installed at each of the nine waste collection points at the Central Fish Market in order to facilitate the recycling of the packaging made of this material at the Green Point. Meanwhile, containers for domestic packaging have been added to the Central Fruit and Vegetable Market, joining the organic waste, commercial packaging and refuse containers.

The environmental education campaign