Mercabarna builds Spain’s first fresh organic food wholesale market

December 2018

The Biomarket responds to the growing demand for these products. 

Mercabarna has laid the first foundations for Spain's first fresh organic food wholesale market. The Biomarket has been designed to respond to the growing demand for organic food products from the citizens of Catalonia and as part of a commitment by the city of Barcelona as a signatory of the Milan Pact for a safe and sustainable food model. Mercabarna is committed to highlighting the sale of these foods and thus guaranteeing their correct distribution.

Five key objectives

Mercabarna is constructing the new Bio wholesale market with 5 key objectives:

  • To bring these products within reach of the people of Catalonia who wish to consume organic foods through their regular purchase outlets, retail businesses and the restaurant and catering sector (HORECA - hotels, restaurants and cafés)
  • To respond to the current growing commitment to local produce of the wholesale sector and agriculture by type of food by building a market that will give these products a higher profile by concentrating the range available.
  • To group the wholesale companies that sell these foods in one venue to promote competition among them and, therefore, the variety of the range and best value for money for citizens.
  • To facilitate the marketing of their products in good conditions small and medium-sized local organic producers, for their economic viability.
  • To offer specific installations for organic food and to group the range of these products in one venue that will facilitate hygienic-sanitary controls and controls for the certificate labelling of organic products and traceability.
From left to right, J. Tejedo, general director of Mercabarna; A. Colau, Mayor of Barcelona and A. Colom, President of Mercabarna
From left to right, J. R. Sempere, President of Mercasa; A. Colau, mayorship of Barcelona; A. Colom, president of Mercabarna and J. Tejedo, general director of Mercabarna
The future Biomarket