Meeting of Argentinean Businesspeople and Exporters

A delegation of exporting producers from the Republic of Argentina’s meat and fruit and vegetable sectors visited Mercabarna on 10 February.

Also taking part in the visit, together with these businesspeople, were Ignacio Ricardo del Valle, Assistant Secretary of Production, Economy and Rural Development of the Province of Buenos Aires Ministry of Agricultural Affairs; Felipe Álvarez de Toledo, Consul-General of the Republic of Argentina; Mariano Veiga, President of the Management Consortium of the Port of San Pedro; Hugo Lejman, representative of the Port of Barcelona in Argentina; and heads of the Central Markets of Buenos Aires and Corrientes.

Visit to the Fruit Market and Slaughterhouse
Apart from meeting with several importing companies from Mercabarna, the delegation visited different facilities in the precinct such as the Central Fruit and Vegetable Market, where they saw the presence of Argentinean fruits in situ. Currently, more than 8 million kilos of Argentinean products are traded in this centre, especially off-season lemons and oranges which are marketed during the winter. The Argentinean businesspeople from the meat sector also visited the Slaughterhouse and were highly interested to see how tripe-processing worked at this facility.