The Alimentary Unit: a point of interest

18th october 2007

On 21 September Mercabarna received Ivan Dragoni and Cristiano Navarro, two professors from the University of Milan, who were keen to see its infrastructures and be informed about its operation. These academics coordinate a project, commissioned by Sogemi, the company that manages Milan’s markets, which foresees the building of a food study centre and a market open to the general public in Milan’s Wholesale Market precinct.

On 4 October, the manager of Lo Valledor Market, the leading wholesale centre in Chile, and representatives of the Asociación Nacional de Feria Libre (National Street Market Association) of Chile visited Mercabarna to find out to what extent buyers for travelling markets frequented the Fruit and Vegetable Market.

Visit by Mercapalma and Mercasa

Similarly, on 18 October, a delegation of executives and advisors from Mercapalma visited Mercabarna, interested in getting to know the different activity sectors of the Alimentary Unit, in addition to the companies that work with Majorca.
On 9 October, David Chica, Mercasa’s new assistant director of structures, came to Mercabarna on one of the many visits he is making to Spanish wholesale markets, with the purpose of gaining firsthand information as to its operation.